5 Positive Thinking


Sometimes we cannot help thinking negative thoughts, but most people are chronic negative thinkers. Constantly thinking like this can actually prevent you from achieving your goals and living a happy, contented life.
The following tips can help anyone get into the habit of positive thinking:
1. Practice Healthy Living
The right amount of sleep, a balanced diet and daily exercise is the first step towards positive thinking as this allows your mind to function at its best.
2. Learn to be Grateful for what you have
The second thing you need to do is to be thankful for what you have. Life is not so bad when you think about all the things around you that most people wish they had. A good family, a place to live in a nice neighbourhood, food on the table, a job and good friends. Just take a little time and look around you and appreciate all that you have.
3. Don’t Assume
You know a lot of us go through life just assuming the worst about themselves and others, and this is not a good practice. We feel we know what other people are thinking about us and it’s usually in the negative. All this makes us feel down and we lose focus on what we have to do. If you feel this way at times the best thing to do is ask. If your spouse is in a bad mood, don’t assume that it is your fault, just ask. Don’t assume that your co-workers are gossiping about you because they suddenly got quiet as you entered the room. Simply ask them “are you talking about me?” You might be pleasantly surprised at the answer. All in all, don’t assume something is your fault until you can find out if it really is.
4. Choose your Words Carefully
“You never”; “I can’t”; “He’s always late.” When you constantly use phrases like these you actually tell yourself that nothing can ever be done right. Instead use positive words like “I can”, “you must”, “he should”.
5. Let go of your negative thoughts
From the time a negative thought enters your mind, release it immediately. Instantly replace it with something positive and enlightening.
The goal to living a productive, happy, confident life is to practice positive thinking.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2428223

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